Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Biking and Trail Riding -- Paradise Lake Conservation Area -- Woodinville, WA

    Prepare to get lost in the woods, away from traffic, email, and the busy side of life. Okay, maybe not too lost, the Paradise Lake Conservation Area has tons of signs labeling where trails go and how long they are...but this park gives you the chance to escape into the mountains without going past Woodinville. This is a great place for beginner and experienced mountain bikers alike to try the trails. With over 13 miles of trails you're bound to find a path that fits your ability level just right. My husband and I had an awesome time, even though this was my first time mountain biking and he has gone on lots of trails before--we just each took it at our own pace.
   The dirt terrain is relatively smooth with small hills to travel up and down. Some areas have roots and rocks to dodge, adding to the fun. If you take the same route we took and bike the mile trail through the trees to Mt. Bike Park, you'll find some more challenging trails with hairpin turns, that are advised for more advanced riders.
One of many sign posts leading you around the park; this is about as bumpy as the trails get

   The conservation area is perfect for horseback riding. The parking lot is set up with two parking stalls for trucks and horse trailers to park although we've never seen trailers while we've been there before. Just be aware that you will most likely be passed by bikers on the trails, but everyone we've passed has been very respectful.
  The Paradise Lake Conservation Area is set-up for hiking as well--the forest is lovely, but be aware there isn't any destination to hike to. If you are looking for a great walk or jog through the woods, this is the place for you.
The park's map full of 13 miles worth of trails

   The Paradise Lake Conservation Area is only about 10 years old, so many people don't know about it yet. We've been there on sunny Saturdays and there are usually only 7 other cars in the parking lot, giving us the feeling that this is a one-of-a-kind gem that can be practically all yours on a beautiful day.

Things to Know:
  • Great park for beginner/advanced mountain bikers, horseback riders, and joggers
  • There are over 13 miles of trails
  • Parking is free
  • 2 horse trailer parking spaces in parking lot
  • Dogs on leash are allowed on trails
  • Porta Potty located before trail head
  • This is best as a dry day activity (mountain biking isn't as much fun on a rainy day)
    Take highway 522 east toward Monroe. 
    Turn right onto Paradise Lake Road at the stop light. 
    Drive 1.9 miles to the parking lot and turn right. 
    (There is a sign marked "Trailhead and Parking" just before the parking lot to give you a heads up.)

Have a great time on the trails!
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