Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Time -- Molbak's Nursery at Christmas -- Woodinville, WA

    Molbak's Nursery in Woodinville was not the first place we thought of when we were looking for a holiday-related adventure this December. My husband's mother, who is a garden designer, was the one who suggested we make the trip to the nursery this year to fill ourselves with some good-ol' Christmas spirit
    For many years we thought that Molbak's was a place that only garden enthusiasts could truly enjoy. But our preconceived notions were put to shame when we arrived and walked into their winter-time paradise at the nursery.
Molbak's has stunning displays of holiday colors, plants, and decorations

    For those who haven't been before, Molbak's is huge--they've connected dozens of greenhouses together to create a warm environment with flowers and plants of all varieties. Their holiday arrangements are fantastic--we couldn't stop snapping pictures next to all of the snowmen, poinsettias, and elaborately decorated Christmas trees.
 The jolly snowman wishing everyone Happy Holidays, with vibrant colored plants all around him

    One of Molbak's traditions for the last 40 years has been to serve free Danish Kringle that's from Larsen's Dansish Bakery in Ballard and coffee to all their customers. Yes, we really do like free things. The best part is...this Danish Kringle is the most amazing pastry either of us had ever tasted! They'll be serving the Kringle and coffee from 11am to 3pm every day until Dec. 23rd.
 Danish Kringle--the most incredible pastry we've ever had (get a box for $13)

    You can also buy your Christmas tree at the nursery. They have lots to choose from. If you get inspired you can even create a display that looks something like this at your house...
 Another beautiful holiday scene at Molbak's

    There were more free samples--this time of Ice Apples. Ice Apples are harvested after the first frost to give them an even juicier and sweeter taste. These are Fuji apples that are left on the trees until late October and harvested in Wenachee, WA.
 Samples, samples, we love free samples

    The nursery has an extensive gift shop, full of lots of holiday items. We've always been enchanted by the miniature Christmas villages. This one had the set up of the town from "A Christmas Story", thus the leg lamp in the background.
 "A Christmas Story" village--Molbak's had an extensive collection

    Molbak's is a very kid friendly and dog friendly store, other than dogs aren't allowed in the in-store cafe. It seemed as though everyone was enjoying their time there. 
    Take note that Molbak's has lots of events that happen at this time of year. Many are free or are less than $10 per person for admission
    What caught us most by surprise was to find a plethora of tropical plants at the nursery. Banana plants, hibiscus flowers, orchids...we have family that lives in Hawaii so it made us feel a little like we were back in a tropical place for a few seconds to walk through this section of the store. It was fun to mix the tropical feeling with the Christmas-time experience. Thank you Molbak's for having variety.
A hibiscus plant--just one of the many tropical plants at Molbak's

Things To Know:
  • Definitely a fun place to come, walk around, and take some good holiday pictures
  • They have free Danish Kringle and coffee served from 11am to 3pm everyday until the 23rd of December
  • Bring your camera and get your picture taken with Santa from 11am to 3pm on weekends
  • Molbak's is a dog-friendly business
  • You can get your dose of paradise by walking through their tropical plant section
  • There is a cafe with lots of seating
  • You can find lots of holiday gifts at the gift shop
  • Learn more at
Love those winter-time scenes!

Happy Holidays to one and all!
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  1. Molbaks is where I go, year round, when I want to run away from home for a couple hours! Nice post on a wonderful place.

  2. Thanks very much! Molbak's--truly a great escape.

  3. maresa, i used to work for larsen's bakery - it's cheaper if you buy directly from them in ballard! they also offer slices of the kringle if you are not in the mood for the whole thing, or they freeze really well. -emily

  4. Very cool--thanks for the tip Emily! We haven't been to Larsen's Bakery just yet, but we've heard such good things! We looking forward to our first visit.
    Happy Holidays!