Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hiking -- Twin Falls -- North Bend, WA

    If your looking for a hike for this weekend that isn't too far from the city, Twin Falls is the hike for you. The waterfalls will knock your socks joke...
    The trail begins next to the Snoqualmie River as it winds along the river's path. Giant boulders are fixtures in the rushing water as you travel along. The first 1/2 mile of the hike is flat and easy-going. After that, you'll begin to climb up a tall bank in the forest only to find that you're walking back down on the other side. Be on the look- out for the old growth Douglas fir tree that you'll soon find beside the trail. The tree must be a few hundred years old (if not older) and is truly a spectacular sight. Take Note: This hike is great at any time of the year, but Autumn allows you to enjoy the fall colors of the maple trees in this mostly evergreen forest.
The hike begins along the Snoqulamie River, where you'll have several chances to get down by the riverside

    After another hill climb (where you'll be right next to I-90 for a short stretch), you'll have the opportunity to take a set of wooden stairs down toward a look-out perch to see the falls or continue along the higher ground to another vantage point. We suggest going down the stairs first to get to the jaw-dropping view of the main falls. When we reached the platform at the bottom, our friend, that we were hiking with remarked, "Well, this is definitely more than I was expecting!" And it's true, it's difficult to capture Twin Falls with a camera. This is a must see in-person kind of place.
The view of the 150ft Twin Falls from the platform that stands high above the river

    The water comes cascading down the rocks and plunges into the river pool at the bottom. There you'll see a cave filled with water that should only be appreciated at a distance (this is some icy water). It's amazing to look down from the platform at the river and realize just how high up you actually are.
The main falls is so large that you can't quite capture it all in one shot--it's a stunning drop

    Head back up the wooden stairs and along the upper trail. There you'll reach a bridge where you'll get to see the river water just before it plummets down the waterfall. You'll also see two smaller falls higher up. The atmosphere here is so relaxing--rushing waterfalls, cool mountain air, and inspiring doesn't get much better than this...and only 1/2 hour from Seattle!

Things To Know:
  • You need a Discover Pass to park in the lot or $5.00 for a day pass at the trailhead (checks accepted)
  • The hike is 2.7 miles round-trip
  • This is a great hike for any time of the year
  • We saw a bunch of kids on this hike from toddler age up
  • As long as your dog is on a leash, you're good
  • The pay-off is incredible!
    Take I-90 East toward Spokane
    Take exit 34 and turn right onto 468th Ave. S.E.
    Drive for 1/2 mile and turn left just before the bridge
    Continue on S.E. 159th St. for 1/2 mile until you reach the end of the road 
    The trailhead will be right there

The extra prizes you'll find if you walk above the main falls: more waterfalls!

Enjoy the falls!
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  1. sounds like a great fall hike! They are the best, not to hot, not to cold.

  2. This really is the perfect time of year for it. Great site by the way!