Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiking -- Meadowdale Beach Park -- Edmonds, WA

    This is a great place to go to escape the beautiful, yet often overly-crowded beaches closer to Seattle. This hike provides a serene walk through the forest that opens up to a one-of-a-kind Puget Sound beach. Located in Edmonds, nearly Mukilteo, Meadowdale Beach Park is the perfect place for a Summer picnic, hike, or beach volleyball game. The park is made up of acres of trees, filled with babbling brooks and berries. When we were there in mid-July the salmonberries were just ripening; by this point the small sweet n' tart huckleberries should be in season. Meadowdale sits up against a well established suburban neighborhood, although, as you drive to the park it doesn't look at all like you're about to enter into an area THIS secluded...usually we have to drive to the mountains to find an area that's this 'woodsy'!
    There's a small play-structure at the top for kids before you start the 1 1/4 mile hike down to the Puget Sound. Feel free to bring your dog, you're bound to see many more the trail. The hike starts off easy and gets steeper as you go, then levels out again for the last 1/2 mile to the beach. The woods are amazingly quiet, considering how close you are to the city. This is one of our favorite relaxing hikes to go on--it's short, beautiful, and the payoff is stupendous.
    When you reach the bottom you'll find a ranger house, a large grassy area with a beach volleyball net, and a picnic shelter with tables. This area feels so magical to us. The sun shines through the maple trees in such a way that it looks like you've arrived in Shire from Lord of the Rings, or some other serene landscape.
The beach and the view toward Seattle from Meadowdale Beach Park

    If you walk just a bit further you'll reach the beach--the true reward for the trek. It's like having your own private Sound-front home on a cloudier day when not too many people are out. Even with change in tide, there's plenty of space to build sand castles, check out the sea life, or admire the view. Looking out at the water, you'll see the southern tip of Whidbey Island and just north of Kingston on the peninsula. It's the perfect romantic spot...basically, this beach can be anything you make it to be. We've had a good time using this area for small photo shoots; hopefully you'll find something fun to make it your own too.   

Things to Know:
  • The park is open year round and offers a variety of scenery during every season
  • Dogs are allowed on leash
  • There's free parking
  • The hike is about 1 1/4 miles each way
  • Port-a-Potties at beginning of hike and when you reach the water
The leap over a babbling brook on the beach with a view of Whidbey Island in the background

Have fun hiking!
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  1. Maresa! This is a great blog! Thanks for making it! My cross country team in high school used to run this trail. We dreaded it! Running down and up 3 times! Oh the tears, but great memories. Very beautiful trail, indeed. :) Valeriya (from class!)

  2. Valeriya thanks so much for your comment! This trail really is one of our favorites. I hope that you'll keep following the blog as it grows.
    It was so great meeting you in class and hope that our paths will continue to cross as we go through life :)
    Keep on being so awesome!